The Latest in Eminent Domain and Condemnation Law Issues Featuring Our Original Podcast Series

Podcast Episode 8 – When the Government Decides to Flood Your Property, Is There a Claim? With Derrick Carson of Locke Lord LLP, Houston, Texas

Derrick Carson joins us in Episode 8 to discuss Hurricane Harvey, the flooding in Houston and southeast Texas, and a discussion of how the government’s decision to flood certain properties to stave off greater damage could result in inverse condemnation claims for those people impacted.

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Podcast Episode 6 – Dr. Robert Gordon Discusses Presenting a Condemnation Case to a Jury

Dr. Robert Gordon, one of the leading trial and settlement scientists in the country, joins us to discuss issues relating to presenting a condemnation case to a jury. Dr. Gordon discusses how a juror’s personal experiences influence their view of the case and how the most credentialed expert may not be the best expert. We also have references to Yoda, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Spider Man!

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Podcast Episode 4 – Interview with Professor Ilya Somin to discuss Murr v. Wisconsin, and a Discussion of Sabal Trail case from Florida

In Episode 4, we are joined by Professor Ilya Somin of the George Mason School of Law. Professor Somin is one of the leading thinkers and writers in the eminent domain community. Professor Somin joins us to talk about Murr v. Wisconsin, but also we veer off into other topics, including property rights in China.

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