Although questions remain about the funding for an extension of the existing U.S.-Mexico Border Wall, news reports indicate that U.S. Customs and Border Protection have picked the potential contractor finalists.The names of the finalists are not being announced.  News reports have indicated that up to twenty different contractors could be awarded contracts. The ABC affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona ran an interesting story this week of a Brownsville, Texas woman whose home on the banks of the Rio Grande would end up on the southern side of the wall if current plans move forward.  Although having a home on the southern side of the wall is unusual, it is not unusual that affected property owners could end up with some property on the southern side of the wall – an area that some have called “no mans land.”  This raises very interesting remainder damage questions.  Having a wall bisect your property likely creates damage for property both on the southern side and the northern side of the wall.  The extent of the damage will vary greatly depending on the size of the property involved and the type of use to which the property is being placed.  Having a home on the southern side of the wall almost certainly completely devalues the home.  For more information on the plight of this homeowner, the story can be found here.